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In The City’s Burgeoning Real Estate Market, Proptech Is Emerging As A Game Changer.

Investor confidence in Dubai’s real estate market remains high. A new player is upending the market by using artificial intelligence (AI) to match homebuyers with their ideal properties. Realiste, is a real estate technology company established in Dubai. Not only enables customers to purchase the best off-plan alternatives straight from developers with a single click. However, it also estimates the future value of their property.

Alex Galstev, from Russia said they want to make purchasing a property as simple as booking a hotel room. They also want to forecast rent and sale costs in the future. Moreover, uncover the most recent market trends to help users make better selections.

Compared to a typical agent, our AI-powered marketplace examines the real estate market 1,000 times faster and more thoroughly. Realistic brokers do not take breaks as human ones do. It works around the clock, compiling real estate information from various sources to calculate a property’s value in real-time, according to Galstev.

The self-learning engine of our platform will learn in a couple of seconds what an investor will discover after weeks of investigation. Based on information from more than 200 characteristics, it can even forecast changes in rental and selling prices in three, twelve, and even 36 months.

Although the Realiste has established businesses in around 20 locations since its 2021 launch. Including New York, Moscow, London, Bangkok, Bali, and Jakarta, Galstev believes Dubai to be its major market. That would likely shed light on why he decided to make this location the home of the business. After moving here in February 2022.

According to realistie data, Dubai’s real estate market is predicted to expand by 46% this year. The real estate market in Dubai is still undervalued in comparison to financial centers. Like London or New York, despite the fact that there is an insatiable demand for houses there, according to Galstev.

“Our AI-powered solution might go a long way in helping investors benefit from every trade by overcoming obstacles. Like lack of transparency, price manipulation, and misselling to drive market growth.”

According to Galtsev, he wants to digitize the real estate industry in all major cities. So that consumers may obtain free access to precise property values and individualized advice.

Real estate agents can use it to quickly and easily identify the ideal properties for their clients. Online booking was just added by Realiste to the platform. According to Galstev, it might be a game-changer because it will quicken real estate transactions. Which will boost the local housing market’s expansion.

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