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Discounts, Payments, and Even 0% Service Fees for Buying a House in Dubai

For The Third Year In A Row, Dubai Developers Are Pushing Hard Offers To Increase Sales Momentum. Do you want to buy a home in Dubai? Then, as developers and individual sellers try to offset buyer concerns regarding rising property values, mortgage rates, and whether the world economy is headed for a recession. Some of the most significant incentives are available for the taking. The sweetened...

UAE Home Buyers

Should New UAE Homebuyers Consider Mortgages With 3- Or 5-Year Lock-Ins?

Property Buyers In The UAE Are Less Eager To Pay "Landlord Mortgages" Today In the UAE, first-time buyers of real estate have just over a quarter to decide whether they would be better off submitting a mortgage application to a bank. Or selecting one of the development company financing options. The US Federal Reserve is expected to raise rates again next week by 0.5 percent. In addition, the UAE...

Dubai Residential Unit

Dubai’s Residential Unit Supply Is Unlikely To Keep Up With Demand This Year

As Developers Will Only Be Able To Deliver 32,500 Units As Opposed To The Estimated 38,000 Units Planned For This Year. The Apartments And Villas Expected To Experience A Shortage Of At Least 15% Of Residential Units. Despite a high level of demand, the residential market in Dubai is predicted to witness fewer deliveries this year. As supply, chain problems and increased construction costs are...

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How Much Mortgage Dubai can be applied to Home buyers?

Experts Explain How Banks In The Country Finance Down Payments On Real Estate. Real estate buyers in the UAE are increasingly choosing cash purchases over mortgages as interest rates climb. In the first half of 2022, interest rates increased 1.75% in the UAE, according to the most recent Betterhomes study. According to the report, 31% of real estate transactions in H1 2022 financed by mortgages, down...

Emirates Hills Home

Emirates Hills Home Is Expected To Be The Next Big Deal In 225DH Million

An Emirates Hills Home, Priced At Dh225 Million, Could Be the Next Big Thing in Dubai Real Estate A Dh225 million villa in Emirates Hills now holds the title of the most valuable specific property in Dubai, despite the city's high demand for super-expensive residences. A deal for just a Dh280 million villa on the Palm was only recently completed. As additional European inquiries, including ones from...

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