UAE Golden Visa : Lets Builders to offer Long-Term Residency to Investors

UAE Golden Visa

To Complete the Procedure, Applicants Must Submit Supporting Evidence, Such As Passport Information and Investment Verification

The coveted Golden Visa is directly available from real estate developers to foreigners who invest in UAE real estate. Industry experts claim that getting a long-term residence is easy and simple. Danube Properties offered to handle Golden Visas for investors when it unveiled the pyramid-shaped Gemz in Al Furjan for Dh350 million.

The entire procedure, according to Imran Farooq, Director of Samana Developers, takes approximately two weeks. In addition, the developer is responsible for covering all processing costs. “Clients must use Escrow to transfer funds after choosing a project and a unit. After that, we can register the title deed and submit a Golden Visa application. To complete the process, the applicant must provide supporting evidence, such as investment proof and passport information.

“They must provide additional documents, like as marriage licenses and birth certificates for their kids, if they require the Golden Visa for their family. The process goes quickly if the paperwork is in order. Additionally, we, the developer, cover all processing costs. Real estate investors who buy a property worth at least Dh2 million are eligible for long-term residency.

Imran Farooq predicted that this decision would have a significant positive impact on the UAE’s real estate sector. “In various phases of the application, all have more than 15 clients. Some of them are deciding to combine their properties in order to submit a visa application. Many people find it highly appealing to obtain the Golden Visa in the UAE because of the high level of living that country provides.”

Imran said that the offer has received a lot of interest from outside as well. Many of our international clients can select the property and unit while relaxing in the comfort of our home, he said. “To obtain the title deed, you do not need to travel. They merely need to travel to the UAE to have a required medical checkup. For many people, this is a really convenient choice. Having a Golden Visa expedites procedure of opening a bank account and obtaining other essentials when these persons move to UAE.” From a market standpoint, the Golden Visa project is “great news,” according to Ahmed Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, Owner of SAAS Properties.

The long-term residence alternatives enable quality and ownership over the long term. Which is the case in particular for developers like SAAS who are building and selling homes in primarily freehold districts. The UAE real estate market has recently experienced growth. The sight of lengthy lines outside developer offices before project launches is once more prevalent. Earlier this year, a number of eagerly awaited properties sold out within a short time of their release.

Imran Farooq concurred with this viewpoint and mentioned other encouraging market developments. The industry has been maturing, he claimed, with each cycle. “While there are more end users emerging, there are currently very few speculators investing. More first-time purchasers are present at every project launch, which is a really encouraging development.”

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