Dubai Property Market

Boost Dubai Property Market

Pandemic Restrictions Could Be Loosened, Which Would Boost Dubai’s Property Market

Due to the government's relaxation of most pandemic-related restrictions, which will boost the tourist, aviation, hospitality, logistics, and retail sectors, experts believe Dubai real estate is poised to resume growth. The property sector will ultimately benefit from the relaxation of travel restrictions. That added in place to prevent the Covid-19 outbreak, according to analysts, top executives, and...

Dubai Property Market

Dubai’s Property Market Is Enduring With Dh21 Billion In Deals In July

7,092 Total Sales Transactions Were Recorded In The Emirate Last Month. 42,698 Rental Leases Were Registered, Of Which 56.04 Percent Were New Leases And 43.96 Percent Were Renewals. By generating a record Dh21 billion in investment through 7,092 sales agreements in July. The strongest start to the second half of the year in the previous 12 years. Dubai real estate has once again demonstrated its...

Dubai Property Market

Dubai’s Property Market Rally Extends to May, With DH 18.3 Billion In Deals

Dubai property market rise has continued into May, with sales totaling DH 18.3 Billion. This is the second-highest May total since 2009, after Dubai Marina. The best prices may be found in Downtown and Springs. In May, a Dubai Marina apartment purchase was fixed at DH 1.8 Million, far higher. Than the DH 1.3 Million to DH 1.4 Million that was the going pricing a year before. According to market sources,...

Dubai Property Market

In Q1-2022, 32 $10 Million Residences Are Expected To Be Sold In Dubai, As Demand Remains High

Dubai's Super-Prime Luxury Property Sales in 2022 May Surpass the 93 Units Sold In 2021 Dubai: Over the first three months, cash-ready purchasers from the UAE and abroad purchased slightly over 30 $10 million properties in Dubai, setting the stage for another record year for super-prime' residential sales in the city. In 2021, there were 93 sales of $10 million or more. According to Faisal Durrani,...

Dubai Property Market

Dubai Property Sector Achieved a Record Sale of Dh280 Million for a Villa

The modern villa boasts a massive 33,000 sq. ft. of fantastic living area. On the Palm Jumeirah, a new 10-bedroom custom-built mansion has sold for a record Dh280 Million. The 33,000 sq. ft. modernist white home boasts extraordinary living space, seven-star spa hotel amenities (including a gym as well as a beauty salon), and imported and hand-picked book-matched Italian marble. The property has...

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