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Budget Friendly Locations

Budget-Friendly Locations in Dubai: Expo City and JVC

Growing End-User Demand For Homes In The Dh1m-Dh2m Price Range Despite Rising Rents. Expo City is now the sought-after location for those looking for affordable homes in Dubai. The recently launched Mangrove Residences in Expo City offers one-bedroom units ranging from Dh1.39-Dh1.59 million, and two-bedroom units priced from Dh2.05 million to Dh2.55 million, competing with established areas such as...

JVC in Dubai

Why JVC Dubai Is So Famous Among Tenants and Buyers?

Why Do So Many People Choose To Live In JVC Dubai, According To Locals and Experts Several people of Dubai have been compelled to move to the suburbs due to rising rents. Jumeirah Village Circle is one of the locations that are now most benefited from the migration. With a burgeoning population, the neighborhood is thriving, and houses are available for rent that is substantially lower than in other...

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