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Dubai’s Dh100 Million Luxury Properties Reach Peak Demand 

There Are Currently Roughly 50 Serious' Listings For Dh100 Million Properties, With Palm Being The Most Popular. Increasingly properties worth more than Dh100 million are being listed for sale in Dubai. As their owners believe the super-luxury residential market has reached – or is approaching – its pinnacle. Currently, roughly 50 similar homes in Dubai are available at these prices, most of which...

Dubai Property Market

In Q1-2022, 32 $10 Million Residences Are Expected To Be Sold In Dubai, As Demand Remains High

Dubai's Super-Prime Luxury Property Sales in 2022 May Surpass the 93 Units Sold In 2021 Dubai: Over the first three months, cash-ready purchasers from the UAE and abroad purchased slightly over 30 $10 million properties in Dubai, setting the stage for another record year for super-prime' residential sales in the city. In 2021, there were 93 sales of $10 million or more. According to Faisal Durrani,...

Dubai Luxury Properties

Dubai Luxury Property Prices Fell 6% In The First Quarter

In The Same Quarter, the Volume in the Emirates Prime Residential Market Increased Somewhat. In a world where expensive real estate is the norm, it is interesting to see how some Dubai Luxury Properties have been getting cheaper over time. The average cost of desired locations in Dubai fell by 6% during Q1 of 2022 with just an average price of Dh4.5 million average fees. This decline can probably be...

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