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First Off Plan Project in Expo City Dubai

First Off-Plan Projects At Expo City Dubai Are Available For As Little As Dh1.2 Million

Release Of The First Phases Of Freehold Clusters By The Master Developer Of The Expo Dubai Site The initial release of residential units for sale in Expo City Dubai starts at Dh1.2 million and above. This marks the first freehold sales of its kind. The first phase of the City was exclusively for the rental market and was utilized during the six-month Expo event. These new launches will be part of...

Off Plan vs Ready Properties Dubai

What Should Buyers Do When Off-Plan Prices Rise Faster Than Ready Homes?

Golden Visas Are Initially Being Provided "Free" By Developers as Part Of Dh2m Real Estate Deals Are you looking for a home to purchase in Dubai? If you believe that purchasing a home that is already built will be more expensive, look at the stats from the first half of this year. Because off-plan sales are doing well this year and are going for higher prices. With an increase of a staggering 46% from...

Best Off Plan Properties Dubai

What Are The Best Areas In Dubai For Off-Plan Property Investment?

Buying off-plan is one of the best ways to invest in your future. There are many advantages, including amazing payment plans and lower prices. The right project can be difficult for someone who is not sure what he or she want. However, we have got you covered with our list below featuring some awesome projects. That will give massive returns on investment as well as be able to cater to any need or...

Dubai Off Plan Property

Investing in Off-Plan Properties Dubai with Important Factors

Over the last few years, off-plan apartments have increased in popularity & demand in Dubai. There are various possible explanations. Both property speculators and residential buyers prefer Dubai off-plan properties because they offer lower rates and much more versatile payment choices than ready-to-move-in properties. Off-plan properties can greatly raise an investor's profile. When recommended by...

Off Plan Properties in Dubai

What Are The Top Five Off Plan Properties In Dubai In 2022?

Off-plan properties are those that have been bought before completion. Investors usually buy them during the construction phase and wait for the property to appreciate before selling it or moving in. Off-plan investment in Dubai has become increasingly popular in recent years, as the city's population and economy have boomed. There are many advantages to buying off-plan, including lower prices, a wide...

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