Real Estate Market

Real Estate Market

Dubai’s Secondary Real Estate Market Boomed in the Q1 of 2022

Investors from the United Kingdom, Italy, and France took the top ten spots in the Dubai real estate market. The Dubai real estate market is seeing a sudden surge in investment from abroad. The top 10 list of foreign investors for this year’s first quarter shows that three countries occupied prime positions. With Italy coming out on top and France second place respectively while, Britain rounds off...

Dubai Property Brokerage

Dubai property brokerage intends to sell of ‘Metaverse Mansions’

A Dubai Property Brokerage is planning to sell the town's first "metaverse mansions," in which customers can hold a non-fungible token (NFT) both with and without the physical asset. Union Square House (USH) wrote in a recent statement on Monday that the digital mansions would allow customers to explore their residences in augmented reality. The Dubai Property Brokerage plans to take advantage of...

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