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Dubai Real Estate 2023

Dubai’s Real Estate Market Will Likely Reach a New Peak In 2023

Due To Increased Demand From Hnwis And Foreign Investors, Real Estate Experts Anticipate An Increase In Home Prices And Rental Values. According to Zoom Property Insights, the high net worth individuals (HNWIs) and foreign companies' interest and rising demand are expected to drive up property prices. In addition, annual rent in Dubai in 2023, which will continue the city's upward trend. The luxury...

Cityscape Dubai 2022

Cityscape 2022 in Dubai, Developers Want to Speed up The Real Estate Market

Cityscape Is Dominated By Ready-To-Live Residential Developments. In order to speed up domestic investment in a number of upcoming residential communities that are family-focused. Developers in the UAE are changing their strategy. Additionally, development businesses are concentrated on offering useful assistance to assist potential home buyers. In making wise decisions before purchasing their first...

Sale of Dubai Property

Sales of Dubai Property Reached AED 160 Billion In 2022

Due To Investors' Confidence In The Emirate's Promising Future, The Real Estate Market Attracted Nearly Dh160 Billion In Investment In The First Eight Months Of 2022. Despite global headwinds, the Dubai real estate market maintained its upward trend. Attracted a combined total of Dh24.3 billion investment via 9,720 sales deals in August. According to most recent data, this month had the highest volume...

Top Real Estate Market

Dubai’s Top Real Estate Market Saw A 23% Rise in Sales In Q2 Of 2022

Demand For Apartments Increased By 40% In The Upscale Residential Market, Outpacing That For Villas. In the 2nd quarter of 2022, sales in the Dubai real estate market totaled Dh47.3 billion. Up 9.8% from Dh43.06 billion in the corresponding quarter the previous year, according to data. 4,166 townhouses, 1,836 villas, and 13,857 apartments in total were sold during that time. The volume of sales in...

Real Estate Market Forecast 2023

Dubai Real Estate Market Forecast 2023

If you have been looking for a property in the UAE, then the right time to buy is now! The market has seen significant growth over the past few years. In addition, Real estate Dubai 2023 is expected to continue growing. New supply is only just coming on the market, so the price of properties is expected to increase gradually, by 20 to 25 percent per year. The demand for property in Dubai is still very...

Dubai Real Estate Market

Dubai’s Real Estate Market Is Getting Closer To $100 Million In Home Sales

New Listings Raise the Stakes with Dh300m and Dh350m Asking Prices With Dubai Luxury Property, costing DH 300 Million and more setting new standards. The stakes and prices have increased for ultra-luxury homes in Dubai. Alpago Properties said it would be constructing six villas on the Palm's "Billionaire Row" with prices ranging from Dh120 million to DH 300 Million. At DH 300 Million, it does not...

Real Estate Market

Dubai’s Secondary Real Estate Market Boomed in the Q1 of 2022

Investors from the United Kingdom, Italy, and France took the top ten spots in the Dubai real estate market. The Dubai real estate market is seeing a sudden surge in investment from abroad. The top 10 list of foreign investors for this year’s first quarter shows that three countries occupied prime positions. With Italy coming out on top and France second place respectively while, Britain rounds off...

Dubai Property Brokerage

Dubai property brokerage intends to sell of ‘Metaverse Mansions’

A Dubai Property Brokerage is planning to sell the town's first "metaverse mansions," in which customers can hold a non-fungible token (NFT) both with and without the physical asset. Union Square House (USH) wrote in a recent statement on Monday that the digital mansions would allow customers to explore their residences in augmented reality. The Dubai Property Brokerage plans to take advantage of...

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