The Highest Raise Costs for Residential Rents In Dubai Since May 2014

Residential Rents in Dubai

Rental Properties With A Good Value Include Dubai Silicon Oasis & Discovery Gardens.

With landlords asking for an average of 23.7% more in the 12 months starting in July 2021. The pace of rental hikes in Dubai is at its highest level since May 2014. According to a recent market update from the consultancy CBRE, a relatively new two-bedroom apartment in some of the popular rental areas in Dubai averages Dh87,000 a year, while for villas that would be Dh261,000.

The average price of an apartment at Dubai Marina is Dh150,423, while that of a unit at the nearby JBR is Dh138,495. According to some estimates, JBR is one of the top three neighborhoods in Dubai for renting out homes in the first half of the year.

The average price of luxury apartments at the Palm is Dh219,769. Although some of the highest rents are at the specialized neighborhood Al Barari, where the average price is Dh95,010. Driving down to Deira will allow you to find units listed at Dh59,894, Dh45,737 in Discovery Gardens. Moreover, Dh47268 in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

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