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Rent in Dubai

Some Dubai Suburbs Offer Affordable Apartments and Villas for Rent

The Top Three Places to Lease Are Deira, International City, and Discovery Gardens Discovery Gardens & International City remain the cheapest places for Rent in Dubai. For studio apartments, asking rentals in these locations range from DH 21000 to DH 25000 per year. However, real estate professionals say that studio apartment rents in these regions are now hovering at about DH 20,000 per...

Rent Rise in Dubai

Rents Are Rising Than RERA Index, Palm Jumeirah & Dubai Marina Is Already A Minimum Of 30%

Dubai: Rent Rises In Dubai's Residential Property Market Are Gathering Up Steam, With Some Landlords Demanding Far More Than The Official Rental Index From Their Existing Renters In High-Demand Areas. Rents have risen by roughly 10% throughout Dubai over the last year, but yearly rises for renters in places like the Palm Jumeirah (up 36%), Jumeirah Park (up 25%), and the Lakes (up 21%) have been...

Eviction Regulations Dubai

Rent Increases, Conflicts, and Eviction Regulations in Dubai: 8 Things to Be Aware in Dubai 

Can Landlords Raise Rents in the First 3 Years in Dubai The rental portion of Dubai's residential property market is significantly reliant, with industry executives claiming that roughly 80% of the Emirate's citizens live in rented flats. As a result, rents are a hot topic and among the most talked about among residents. Tenants always welcome a decrease in the rental rate and vice versa. In addition,...

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