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Are You Eligible for a Golden Visa in the UAE in 2022?

The UAE Golden Visa program has generated quite a stir among specific groups of expats with ambitions to secure permanent resident status in the United Arab Emirates since its inauguration in 2019. Foreign nationals can live, work, do business, & study in the UAE without the need for a national sponsor under the Golden Visa system. Foreign entrepreneurs and investors are also permitted to own 100% of...

UAE Golden Visa

A 10% to 25% Down Payment on a DH 2 Million Residence Can Get Investors Started in the UAE Golden Visa

Developers In The UAE Will Soon Be Able To Make Flexible Payments Under The DH 2 Million Criterion. Dubai builders are emphasizing two-bedroom apartments & townhouses as excellent investment opportunities. In order for investors to reach the Dh 2 million aim. Pick up that UAE Golden Visa as well. The down payment should be Dh 200000, with the rest covered by the developer's installment plans....

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