Buyers Are Opting For ‘Developer Financing’ To Offset Rising Mortgage Loan Rates

Home Buyers in Dubai

More Buyers Are Willing To Take Advantage Of Developer Financing Deals On Ready Homes.

As more interest rate increases are expected, more home buyers in Dubai. Particularly end-users are beginning to sign up for developer-backed payment agreements rather than apply for a mortgage. This entails paying monthly installments straight to developers. Particularly those who are offering recently finished or ready-to-move-in properties as soon as the SPA is signed. Developers are giving customers the choice of 3-5/6 years to finish the payments. Saying that this will be less of a financial strain on them.

“These easy-on-the-pocket plans from developers would be a tremendous comfort. For those end-users who are looking to move from being a tenant to an owner,” said an analyst. “These systems provide more assurances because they are constant throughout the payment process. End-users are choosing the direct-from-developer alternative when mortgage rates vary almost every month.

Avoid Further US Rate Increases

UAE Central Bank said on Wednesday that it will match the 0.75% increase by the US Fed starting today. Existing mortgage holders have been taking precautions to offset the higher payments on their EMIs. Because they have already experienced three 0.75% hikes in recent months.

One strategy employed by first-time home buyers is to close the deal and apply for a mortgage in July or August. When it became more likely that the rate increases would be “jumbo-sized.” According to a banker, “by September, most of them had brought forward their acquisitions.” Since it was obvious that property owners were concerned about what any US rate hikes might entail. This was reflected in our October mortgage volumes, which demonstrated a large decline. The majority of banks reported month-over-month growth in their mortgage agreements all during the first half of the year. Putting the decline in context.

According to Home Finder, the listings platform, there were 4,087 secondary/ready property sales in Dubai in October. This represented a “substantial rise” of 27.3% from the previous year. When compared to October 2021, existing home transactions increased by 63% during the month. Totaling Dh14.2 billion as opposed to Dh8.7 billion.

Even in the ready market, developers are prepared to assist with staggered payment plans. That would guarantee the customer would find the monthly installments to be “affordable.” This is why the “1%” schemes became especially successful after the series of interest rate increases. (Some developers have lined up at less than one percent, and this may gain greater attention in months to come.)

Also Register With A Developer

Developer financing choices are easily accessible, according to 4C Mortgage Consultancy CEO Dhiren Gupta. However, the payment is limited to shorter periods with this type of financing (than the 15-25 year tenors on mortgages). Additionally, the cost of the property would be considerably higher than the value of a comparable unit in the present market.

“Taking advantage of a rent-to-own option, which is offered by a small number of developers in Dubai. That is another choice for end-user buyers. After making your initial 20–30% commitment, you can move into the prepared apartment. With monthly payments that contribute the same amount to the purchase price. However, you might need to make a little bit more of a down payment on your new property.

Need a Ready House Right Away

Off-plan sales have been outpacing ready home sales in these recent months. This alone is a sign that potential end users may not be buying real estate as frequently as they once did. Because they will want to move in now rather than two or three years from now. When the off-plan unit is delivered, if they are buying to avoid living in a rental property. According to an estate agent, “At most, these end-users are willing to wait a maximum of 6 months. Anything beyond that, they are not interested.” This is the reason why those fortunate developers putting ready-to-move-in messaging on their recently completed projects.

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