Home Buyers in Dubai

Buyers Are Opting For ‘Developer Financing’ To Offset Rising Mortgage Loan Rates

More Buyers Are Willing To Take Advantage Of Developer Financing Deals On Ready Homes. As more interest rate increases are expected, more home buyers in Dubai. Particularly end-users are beginning to sign up for developer-backed payment agreements rather than apply for a mortgage. This entails paying monthly installments straight to developers. Particularly those who are offering recently finished or...

Registration of off-plan Property

Can A Developer Do Initial Registration of Off-Plan Property in the Buyer’s Name?

If The Property Is Not Registered, The Buyer May Terminate The Purchase Agreement. I paid 40% of the property's cost to buy a property from a developer over a year ago. However, it later emerged that the developer had not registered the property in my name with the Real Estate Regulatory Department. When I asked the developer to register the property in my name. He responded that after the project...

Concerns of Buyers

To Appease the Concerns Of Buyers, Some Developers Opt To Offer “Discounts”

Existing Home Buyers Must Carefully Consider Their Mortgage Options To Offset Rising Mortgage Costs. To attract end-user buyers, Dubai developers are using a term they have not used in a while: discount. Following the US Fed rate hike on Wednesday. Mortgage rates in the UAE are increasing by 0.75%. In addition, some developers are attempting to allay end-user concerns regarding their mortgage costs...

Golden Visas For Buyers

Next Property Launches Will Coincide With The Issuance Of Golden Visas For Buyers

Builders Expect A Noticeable Increase In Buying Activity As Final Government Approval Approaches. According to market sources, Golden Visas for investors with Dh2 million or more in Dubai property assets should begin to be given out in October. The update brings, as developers get ready for more off-plan launches. In addition, those with prices above Dh2 million come with developer guarantees. Those...

Ready Homes

Buyers Can Buy Ready Homes for Discount Compared To New Launches

To Appeal To European Consumers, Dubai Developers Have Recently Added Additional Luxury And Pools To Their Projects. A significant difference is opening up between property prices in Dubai sold off-plan and those purchased in the secondary market. Providing additional chances for purchasers. On average, recent off-plan launches in Dubai have price tags that are 14-30% more than equivalent ready...

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