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There are special terms or jargon for each place of residence. Which foreigners must understand. Similarly, special Dubai property management has some jargon. If you are new to the UAE and are faced with the challenge of renting your first property in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE, you will undoubtedly come across strange real estate phrases, many of which are written in Arabic. So, if you’re intending to rent or buy real estate in the UAE, here’s a list of Arabic terminology you should be aware of.

1. Trakheesi

While the Arabic words in UAE real estate so far have all been about rental properties, this one is for Dubai real estate brokers. Real estate professionals and property management companies in Dubai use the Trakheesi system to get permissions and licenses. It’s a sophisticated system for issuing licenses and permits, as well as approvals for integration with real estate portals and permissions to develop apps and websites. It’s tied to Dubai Economic Development (DED), therefore all data about real estate firms is kept in a government-approved format.

2. Tawtheeq

Tawtheeq, like Ejari in Dubai, is an Arabic term for real estate in the UAE that you should become familiar with before renting a house in Abu Dhabi. For a range of services, such as energy and water, family visas and sponsorships, parking permits, and more, the Tawtheeq capital lease validation system is necessary.

3. Tasdeeq

Tasdeeq, an Ajman verification system that certifies leases and other real estate transactions, is next on our list of commonly used Arabic names for property management companies in Dubai.

4. Makani

This Arabic term, which is often used in the UAE real estate industry, literally means “my location.” Every building, house, and public area in Dubai will be recognized with a unique 10-digit code called a “Makani number” under the Makani, making it easier to share the details of where you are. The Makani app is widely used and has an emergency location signaling feature that allows you to transmit distress signals in an emergency. This was once exclusively available in Dubai, but it is now available throughout the United Arab Emirates.

5. Ejari

When renting a house in Dubai, one of the most prevalent property management in Dubai terms you’ll come across is Ejari. Ejari Dubai is a rental registration system in Dubai that is required to set up DEWA connections, internet and phone services, alcohol licenses, and other services.

6. Musataha

Musataha is a kind of contract in which people rent land from owners in order to build or plant on it. The goal of this contract is to encourage people to invest and create without needing to purchase land. According to Musataha law, the property to be built is equivalent to the leased property, hence the lease term cannot exceed 50 years.

7. Oqood

Oqood, which means contracts in Arabic, is a Dubai property management services portal that provides a variety of options to developers to assist them in managing their off-plan projects. It also allows you to record your initial sales without going to the Dubai Land Department (DLD) directly. The Oqood site not only automates the management of off-plan projects, but it also supervises and monitors the off-plan real estate market in Dubai, following a set of real estate authorities’ guidelines. Increase investor confidence in this sort of property in Dubai by increasing visibility on off-plan sales.

Final Words

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