Dubai’s Rental Disputes Center Settled 100,000 Rental Disputes In 9 Years

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Dubai Rental Disputes

Currently, 103,975 Rental Lawsuits Have Been Filed In The Center, With 92,732 Of Those Being Primary Lawsuits And 11,243 Being Appeal Lawsuits.

In its nine years of operation, Dubai’s Renting Disputes Centre (RDC), created the first smart judicial rental system in the world. That has resolved 100,000 rental claims, boosting investor trust in the emirate’s legal framework. The 5.2 million registered contracts totaling Dh654 billion in resolved disputes account for 1.9% of all contracts.

According to the RDC, which is the legal branch of DLD, there have been 103,975 rental lawsuits filed at the center to date. Broken down into 92,732 primaries and 11,243 appeal lawsuits. That 100,000 have been resolved, or 96% of the cases filed there.

Director of the RDC, Judge Abdulqader Mousa, stated that the center worked diligently and tirelessly with its qualified national cadres and harnessed its material resources. Particularly technical ones, to keep pace with global developments and chart a strategic course that would define the future of litigation. Consistent with the visions and directions of the emirate to solidify its position in the regional and global arena. As the top real estate destination for investors.

“We take great pride in having developed the world’s first smart judicial rental system and making it available to litigants. Whether they are domestic or foreign. Based on a sustainable methodology, a cutting-edge rental and real estate model. An environment that fosters innovation, effective governance, and as part of Dubai Land Department’s strategic vision.”

Center’s quality and professionalism, which helped us, create a streamlined method for resolving rental disputes with high accuracy and facilitation. That are reflected in RDC’s accomplishments, initiatives, results, and data, Mousa noted.


“We proclaim that our path is one of growth and excellence in accordance with the strategy of our wise leadership. That actively participate in realizing and implementing the “Principles of the 50”. That intended to create the finest economy in the world in the upcoming years.

To realize its ambition of being the leading global reference in resolving real estate disputes, RDC has been developing initiatives. The first smart judicial rental system in the world, the Rental Disputes System, is one of these endeavors. Focused on managing rental disputes, including their registration, settlement, issue of judgments, and implementation. This technology is open to litigants both inside and outside the nation increased the accuracy of litigation.

The first smart application for judicial guidance was released in 2016 and is called Smart Judge. It offers more than 100 interactive rental litigation scenarios where a guiding decision is rendered for clients. Yad Al Khair Committee, Remote Litigation System, Rental Good Conduct Certificate, and Other Initiatives

“The index of first-instance lawsuits’ 10 day average duration and appeal cases’ average 14 day duration. Which is 14 days, may be used to infer the speed and accuracy of litigation,” continued Mousa.

In 2013, the average time it took to execute a rental judgement or decision was 10 days, however in 2022. Average time it will take to execute a rental judgement or decision will be 4 days, with 97% execution rate. This expedites the conclusion and closing of execution litigation and improves consumer convenience and happiness, according to Mousa.

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