Dubai’s Ultra-Luxury Homes Are Easily Renting For Dh1 Million And Above

Dubai Ultra Luxury Homes

Landlords Are Even Signing Leases And Listing Homes On Palm Jumeirah For Dh3.65 Million.

More proof that Dubai is home to the world’s super-rich is emerging. As shown by a recent spate of rental agreements that each cost well over Dh1 million. Additionally, the upper limit is the sky. A super-luxury home on the Palm, where the highest housing transaction reached Dh600 million. Landed a six-month lease for Dh4 million. Properties (on the Palm) now frequently listed for more than Dh3.65 million, according to Liam Ure, from “And obtain rentals at that cost.

The lack of available properties on the market has been a problem in Palm Jumeirah. A reality that has caused significant rising prices over the previous 12 months. In a neighborhood like Palm or Emirates Hills, a custom-built home cannot be valued. At what it would sell for on the open market. A property like that has its price range.

Top 3 Rent And District 1

Outside of Palm, rental agreements for properties costing at least Dh1 million signed-in District 1 and the Jumeirah Islands. A 6-bedroom, 15,500-square-foot built-up area home was rented for Dh1.8 million in District 1. Where more villas and mansions completed recently.

According to Alina Adamco, Head of Secondary Market Transactions at Metropolitan Premium Properties, the company that handled the transaction, the October deal “is among the Top 3 rentals in the area to date.” (Oybek Shamsiddinov represented the owner, and Galyna Galytska represented the tenant.)

The geopolitical environment is pushing European families and business owners to consider Dubai. As a major business and lifestyle hub, according to Alina. “Investors are acquiring ready-to-move-in properties, primarily from Europe and the CIS.” As shortly as they listed, and occasionally even before. The secondary market has heated up. Because of the increase in demand, prices rise over 10% in the most recent quarter. The tenant is from a recent immigrant European family to Dubai, while the property’s owner is an Asian.

The Biggest Lease for Jumeirah Islands Is Signed

The lease on Jumeirah Islands signs for Dh1.2 million, trying to make it the largest rental agreement there to date. Kyle Giusti of, who concluded the deal, said that the large bulk of the villas in Jumeirah Islands had also undergone extensive renovations and upgrades. Moreover, in some cases, even plot extensions. They now portray a more premium offering as a result. In addition, they can command costs to match, whether for sales or rentals.

In terms of demand, “Any community by the coast or having a waterfront element is hugely popular,” claims Giusti. Moreover, by modernizing, Jumeirah Islands has raised the bar. As far as value for money goes, it is one of the top prime residential neighborhoods.

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