How to Rent a Property in Dubai in 2023?

How to Rent a Property in Dubai in 2023?

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Renting a home in Dubai might be a frightening prospect, especially if it is your first time visiting the city. The complexities of the industry and the hurdles you must cross may seem confusing at first. But everything will become evident with some research and guidance. Here is a general overview of everything you should know about renting a home in Dubai.

How Can One Locate The Ideal House In Dubai?

It can be overwhelming to choose from the countless apartments and villas that are available to rent online. Dubai is a rapidly expanding city, and new neighborhoods constantly appear. Additionally, scrolling through so many takes time. Among the most famous websites are and If you have done your research about the location you want to reside in, it will help.

Professionals like Downtown Dubai and the Dubai International Financial Centre, although they can be pricey. Bur Dubai and Deira are much more affordable and full of family-run restaurants, but the housing stock is much older. Dubai Marina is a favorite of foreigners and younger people, while the Greens and Springs, two middle-class neighborhoods, provide affordable apartments and villas

What Are Dubai’s Typical Rent Prices Like?

The cost varies according to the location and size of the property. The most expensive option is a one-bedroom flat in Palm Jumeirah, which typically costs Dh110000 annually. Apartments with two bedrooms cost Dh155000. While those with three bedrooms cost Dh200000. Prices in Downtown Dubai would be comparable.

There are places in Dubai that are far more affordable, such as Deira and Bur Dubai. Where one-bed rent starts at Dh50000 per year. For about Dh85000, you can rent a two-bedroom villa in the Springs or Jumeirah Village, but you’ll probably need a car.

Never be afraid to barter and push for a better deal. Between 2017 and 2019. The average rent decreased by 21%, turning the market into one for renters. According to Lynnette Abad, director of statistics and research at Property Finder, “the trend of being able to locate bargains for anything from lower pricing, an increased number of checks, as well as other incentives like free utilities are proving popular among renters.” According to Property Finder, the typical median yearly rent for flats is Dh79650 and for villas, it is Dh166667 as of August.

What Should You Be On The Lookout For When Renting?

Before signing any lease, there are several things to look into and advise. Rent must be reasonable and based on the present market, according to tenants. When dealing with a private landlord, demand identification and ownership documentation. Although it may seem extravagant. She said that there have been scammers and that any legitimate owner will not object if you inquire.

When working with an agent, make sure the business is reputable. You should obtain a receipt and make the deposit and checks payable to the landlord directly rather than to a third party. It is vital to be wary of leases that attempt to shift the burden of maintenance expenditures onto the tenant. The owner/landlord should be liable for maintenance costs. Ask who is in charge of maintaining the common areas if you are renting an apartment. In addition, try to chat with any other tenants to ensure that everything is taken care of.

“You would be wise to verify that service charges are current if renting from an individual in an apartment building. Tenants have had problems when this is not the case. It is important to note that owners frequently use many real estate agents to rent out their properties to promote competition.

What Potential Additional Charges Exist?

There is a 5% commission fee, based on the annual rental price if you rent a property through an estate agent. In addition, a deposit of an additional 5% of the annual rental fee for unfurnished properties. In addition, 10% for furnished properties must be paid to the landlord. The majority of homes are unfurnished, and this frequently includes white goods as well. Therefore, you might need to set aside money for a refrigerator and washing machine.

Before moving to the UAE, it is important to consider these upfront fees and make sure you have savings available. Chiller free refers to a property where the landlord or developer is responsible for paying the air conditioning bill. This is typical in apartment buildings managed by Emaar, but not in villas.

Ask in front to avoid getting a surprise, as some apartment buildings impose a “chiller” charge on top of the regular energy payment.

Rent Settlement

Dubai tenants were sometimes required to pay the entire year’s rent in advance, typically in the form of a single cheque. Naturally, this is now much less prevalent as many property owners are content to accept two to four postdated checks for the entire year. Despite the popularity of online banking and quick transfers, checks are still used almost exclusively to pay rent.

Emirates 2, Springs 2,258 square feet, 3 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms. Near a pool and a park Price: 150,000 Dhs. Perfectly situated close to Spinneys and Fitness First is Springs 2. Two years ago, the price of this three-bedroom property in The Springs was 175,000 AED. The villa’s agent, Luke Westgate, confirmed that he is currently advertising it for $150,000. This is a great price considering how close the villa is to the park and pool.

Some families have been able to upgrade to a villa and garden due to falling rent prices. There are a few exceptions, including Asteco, which accepts payments via direct debit rather than checks. The number of checks needed to cover the rent each year, after the cost of the house. Maybe the most crucial consideration when renting.

Which Documents Must I Submit?

Copies of your passport and UAE resident visa must be given to the agent or landlord. You can present a letter from your employer stating that the process is ongoing if you have not received your visa yet since it is typical to begin working once the application is in. Having a chequebook in your name is also being unable to open a bank account without a visa can be a common initial challenge.

What Should I Do Before Signing The Contract Now That It Has Been Agreed Upon?

Before you sign the contract and move into the property. It is crucial that you find any maintenance issues and have the agent or landlord fix them.

  • Verify that every facility is in proper functioning order.
  • Dubai is a market for renters, and between 2017 and 2019, prices decreased by an average of 21%.
  • Dubai is a market for renters, and between 2017 and 2019, prices decreased by an average of 21%.
  • Before you move in, take pictures of the apartment or villa to avoid any issues while reclaiming your security deposit.
  • Before you move in, a good landlord will make sure the house is freshly painted. When you depart, you can expect the same.

What Should I Do After Signing The Contract?

Until it registered with Ejari, the online hub of Dubai’s Real Estate Regulatory Agency, a rental agreement is not valid in the emirate. Either through their website,, or a customer service center located throughout the city, registration can be completed. The primary one-stop shop for services run by the government is the Al Manara Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road, just adjacent to the Noor Bank Metro. To protect your rights as a renter, the Ejari procedure has been put in place.

Ejari, which means “my rent” in Arabic, registration costs Dh220. You will need to supply copies of your lease agreement, the landlord’s title deed, your Emirates ID, and the tenant’s and the landlord’s passports. You might require a photo or photocopy of the previous tenant’s document to do this if their Ejari has not already been canceled.

How Can I Register For Dewa Utilities?

You must activate the water and electricity through the Dubai Water and Electricity Authority. After you have registered the rental agreement with Ejari. To accomplish this, you will once more need to visit a service center. Some of these referred to as “customer happiness centers,” with a copy of your passport and Emirates ID. The Dewa number particular to your property must also be provided. Typically, written on a tag that attached to the entrance to your villa or apartment. Online applications are also accepted.

In addition, there are costs of Dh130 to activate your Dewa account. As well as a deposit of Dh2000 for apartments and Dh4000 for villas. Costs for larger properties can reach Dh330. You will be allowed to move into the property 24 hours after registering the deposit.

Can I End My Agreement Early?

The landlord has the right to charge you two months’ worth of rent as a penalty if you decide to vacate the property early. If you can find someone to rent the property in your place, the landlord could in some situations waive this requirement. On Facebook neighborhood groups, tenants frequently promote their landlord’s property. This is a method to avoid estate agents and avoid paying their five percent commission.

Jogging participants in the Dubai Half Marathon move along the Creek.

You must provide your landlord with 90 days’ notice. If you do not want to renew your lease and intend to leave. Similarly, to that, they must give you three months’ notice if they want you to leave the property.

What Are The Most Typical Errors That Newcomers Make?

Do not sign a long-term lease for a rental property too soon. Before committing to a year, “you need to be confident you will be staying, and not everyone does.” Spend some time reading your lease and making sure you understand all of the fine print. “I have seen examples where people have signed documents without realizing that they are tied in for a whole year. Because they carelessly thought that leases and rules are the same as in their native country.” In addition, learn that they will suffer consequences for violating the rules.

Another is living in an apartment with individuals who not related to you. Flatshares openly and widely advertised online, especially in areas like JBR, JLT, and Dubai Marina. “Many people appear to be ignorant of the cohabitation and subleasing regulations in the UAE. Without the formal consent of the landlord, the former is unlawful, and the latter is as well.

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