What are Ejari Benefits and Ejari Online Services?

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Ejari Online is the quickest and simplest way to register for and terminate Ejari rental contracts in Dubai. The entire process is handled through the Internet at Ejari Online. Online document filing, document control, government fee payment, and Ejari certificate delivery are all available.

Applicants who use the Ejari online service do not need to go to an Ejari office, a rental agency, or take an Ejari training session. Our Ejari specialists will verify and update your documents, take care of all relevant documents on your behalf, send the documents to RERA, and obtain the registration certificate, saving you time and hassle.

After receiving an Ejari service request and payment, this is normally completed within 24-48 hours. The Ejari Certificate is emailed to the applicant’s email address as an official PDF document generated by the Ejari system. The Ejari certificate can be used as proof of renting with other government bodies. Applicants may also receive a scan of the paper version of the certificate, if applicable. The Ejari certificate can also be printed at any time on Binayah Ejari Service.

Ejari Online Service and Support

We provide email and live chat help six days a week (excluding Fridays, which are public holidays), for a total of ten hours every day (9:00 am to 7:00 pm). At every level of the registration process, we assist candidates.

The following activities are included in the online service:

  • Documents are transmitted via our web interface (or, if applicable, by e-mail).
  • Collection of Ejari commissions through one of our payment gateway partners (eg PayPal).
  • Checking the completeness and accuracy of the documents supplied by the applicant in accordance with the RERA regulations.
  • If one of the needed documents is missing, incomplete, or erroneous, remote assistance is available until the documentation is complete.
  • At the Ejari office, the applicant is represented.
  • On behalf of the candidate, drafting the Ejari application form.
  • Receipt of the Ejari contract/certificate; payment of the Ejari registration fee to the RERA office on behalf of the applicant.
  • Provide the applicant with an Ejari registration certificate and evidence of payment.

Ejari Benefits

There is no better alternative than hiring an Ejari specialist to take care of everything for you if you have rented a property in Dubai and don’t want to bother about registering your contract with RERA. I will represent you in dealings with the authorities. The ejari online service has a number of benefits:

  • A free online consultation is available.
  • Expert assistance and an Ejari guide to obtaining the necessary documentation.
  • Registration for a lease is simple and quick.
  • In Dubai, there is no need to drive or visit an office.
  • Online payment is safe and secure.
  • Ejari Certificates are given to your inbox online.

The main goal is to make our customers’ lives a little easier by relieving them of one worry. We know what we’re doing and how to do it well. We excel at what we do. Surprise yourself by discovering how simple and painless it is to register for a lease with Ejari.

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