How to Get an Investor Visa Dubai? Requirements & Benefits


How to get investor visa in Dubai? The UAE government is always revising its laws, rules, and regulations. The goal was to keep the country at the forefront of any new possibilities to express itself globally. Since a result of this technological advancement, the United Arab Emirates has achieved enormous success, as it is now recognized globally as a reference business hub as well as a travel destination. The UAE has also been forced to renew its visa and immigration policies, which are primarily directed at wealthy and highly talented foreigners, due to high levels of foreign investment.

Long-term gold visas with a validity period of 5 or 10 years have been issued to make investors feel more at ease. As a result, the visa is sometimes referred to as the Dubai investor visa. While obtaining a UAE investor visa is difficult, the applicant must invest a large amount of money in the UAE in order to qualify. This tutorial is dedicated to learning all of the steps involved in obtaining a investor visa Dubai, as well as its requirements and much more.

Visa Requirements for Staying in the United Arab Emirates to receive the above-mentioned long-term visa, you must first invest a particular amount of money in the United Arab Emirates, and only then will your query be addressed. There are two categories of long-term stay visas, each with its own set of conditions, which are as follows:

10-years Golden Visa Dubai

The following prerequisites must be met in order to apply for a 10-year UAE golden visa, according to official documentation. For Speculators The first and most significant demand is for the government to invest at least MD 10 million. After you’ve completed this, there are a few more things to keep in mind:

  • A minimum deposit of AED 10 million in a national investment fund
  • Establishing a company in the UAE with a minimum capital of AED 10 million.
  • Collaboration with an existing or new firm with a minimum share value of AED 10 million.
  • A total investment of at least AED 10 million in all of the above, with investments in industries other than real estate accounting for at least 60% of total investment.

Certain requirements apply to the issuance of a visa, which must be met and will be reviewed by the authorities after your application is submitted.

  • The amount invested cannot be borrowed.
  • The system must be kept for a minimum of three years.
  • Creditworthiness of up to AED 10 million is required.

It’s worth noting that you can bring your spouse and children, as well as a manager and counsellor, to this visa programme. These types of advantages have been strategically placed to allure investors and make them feel at ease investing in the UAE.

If each pair donates AED 10 million, the 10-year gold visa can be extended to them. For a period of six months, foreign investors can apply for a multiple entry permit.


For Specialized Talents

Those with specific talents in the domains of research and knowledge are eligible for the second 10-year gold visa. Doctors, specialists, scientists, inventors, and cultural workers who operate in the realm of culture and art are included.

This visa is also applicable for the spouse and children of investors. Before applying, however, all categories must have a valid job contract in the UAE’s key area of competence. This is a requirement to ensure that when the candidate’s application is processed and approved, they will have a job.

The following are the criteria that must be met in this category:

  • Scientists must possess the Mohammed Bin Rashid Medal for Scientific Excellence or be authorized by the Emirates Scientists Council.
  • The Ministry of Culture and Youth must accredit creative people in the realm of culture and art.
  • Inventors must get a useful patent that benefits the UAE’s economy. The Ministry of the Economy must approve patents.
  • Patents or scientific research published in a peer-reviewed publication are required to demonstrate exceptional talent.

  Executives must be employees of a major, worldwide renowned corporation or have a strong academic record and a position.

At least two of the following requirements must be met by doctors and specialists:

  • A doctorate from one of the world’s top 500 universities.
  • A certificate of recognition or an award in the candidate’s field of employment
  • Making a significant contribution to essential scientific research in the field of work.
  • published articles or scientific books in prestigious journals in their field of expertise.
  • Membership in a sector-related organization.
  • A doctorate and ten years of expertise in his specialty.
  • The United Arab Emirates’ specialization in priority areas.

5-Year Gold Visa Dubai

Three types of visas are available, each of which is valid for five years in the United Arab Emirates. Although the standards are slightly less stringent than those for the 5-year UAE gold visa, there is still a lot of competition for these visas.

For investors

The requirements for investors are quite straightforward, and they cannot be misconstrued.

  • The investor must invest in a property worth at least AED 5 million in gross value.
  • A loan should be used to fund the investment in the actual state.
  • Finally, the applicant owner must keep the property for at least three years.

As the UAE has grown into one of the top business Centre’s in the world, more and more investors are attempting to obtain a long-term visa on January 1st of each year. Entrepreneurs must fulfil the following guidelines in order to apply:

  • The applicant must have a project worth at least AED 500,000 to be considered.
  • Approval of a country’s approved incubator may also be required.

You can apply for a visa if this criterion is met. Furthermore, the entrepreneur is eligible to a multiple entrance visa for a period of up to six months, which can be extended for another six months.

They can also bring their spouse, children, and a business partner, as well as three company executives, with them on the golden visa.

For exceptional students

The UAE has improved its international reputation by providing new opportunities for outstanding people to shine, and students are among them. A United Arab Emirates Gold Visa is available to every student who excels.

The following are the requirements:

  • The student must have a minimum grade of 95%.
  • Both public and private secondary schools are included.

  At the time of graduation, the student must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.75. This is true for both German and international universities.

This sort of visa also includes the families of great students, which is a significant benefit.

Requirements for Dubai Investor Visa

There are also general conditions that must be met in addition to the specific condition. These are some of the conditions:

 1. Financial Requirements

 You will be required to present a statement of account. A monthly income of AED 10,000 or the equivalent in another currency is required. This sum can be earned both inside and outside the UAE.

2. A Criminal History

  Police reports from nations where you’ve resided. A police certificate from the previous six months is required.

3. Medical Examinations

  A complete medical certificate must be presented, and it must be validated by a registered healthcare professional.

When it comes to children, there are no restrictions on parents being sponsored, but youngsters must be under the age of 18. When the age limit is reached, ladies with only one martial state can stay under their sponsorship, however guys over 18 can only stay on a student visa; otherwise, they must apply for their own work or investor visa Dubai.

Documents required for the UAE Residence Visa

As you are aware, proper documentation has a significant impact. It can literally make or break your request if you have proper evidence.

Here’s a list of the documents you’ll need to apply for an entry permission to be sure:

  • A photocopy of your passport
  • A photo that is the size of a passport.
  • Your bank statement for the previous six months.
  • Any other documents relevant to your goal:
  • A copy of the business license for the company.
  • A copy of the joint venture agreement (if applicable).
  • Identifying potential collaborators (if applicable).
  • A certified copy of the company’s certificate of incorporation (for LLC).
  • Affidavit of accreditation from the United Arab Emirates’ authorized authority (for skilled workers).
  • Patent evidence (for investors) There is no proof of investment.
  • Proof of investment, such as a deed of title or a bank letter, is frequently required to show that you have a total of AED 10 million or AED 5 million, depending on your request.

The following requirements must be completed in order for your application to be processed for the United Arab Emirates Long Term Visa:

  • Permit to enter.
  • A medical test
  • The sort of application.
  • A copy of your passport and visa, as well as pictures.
  • A valid passport
  • Photographs.
  • A government-issued photo ID from the Immigration Service.
  • All documentation pertaining to the trip’s aim.

Personalized documents, white background pictures, Emirates identity form, original visa, medical certificate, passport, immigration card, LLC agreement, list of partners, and a licensed copy of any signed agreements are also required for the visa stamp.

It’s worth noting that the rules and regulations in the UAE change from time to time, so keep an eye on the official website for any changes. The authorities, according to the application, may request further documents that must be submitted within a particular time frame. Furthermore, due to the sensitivity of visa applications, you should consult with a lawyer that specializes in the sector to help you through the procedure.

Advantages of getting an Investment Visa Dubai

While we’ve gone over most of the benefits of the UAE Long-Term Residence Visa in depth, here’s a quick rundown of everything you can get:

Why You obtain a full reimbursement of your investments and income, and there is no corporate tax, so these expenses can be fully eliminated.

  • Hiring overseas staff has shown to be a terrific recipe for success for investors.
  • The visa’s validity duration can be extended, which is a significant benefit.
  • Applicants can apply for a resident visa in the UAE after obtaining an investor visa.
  • Anyone possessing an investment visa in the United Arab Emirates will find it relatively simple to open a corporate bank account in the UAE.
  • Investors can lawfully obtain an Emirates ID card, which entitles them to all of the benefits and privileges associated with it.

How can I apply for an Investor Visa Dubai?

In general, any foreign national wishing to apply for a visa in the United Arab Emirates must be sponsored by a UAE resident. This individual could be their boss (requiring a work visa) or a classmate (which would mean a student visa).

However, a sponsor is required for a long-term UAE resident visa, and there are additional requirements:

  • For an investor visa in the United Arab Emirates
  • Sponsorship is provided by a registered company.
  • For a real estate visa in the United Arab Emirates.
  • The sponsor is the property you’re buying or investing in.

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