More Developers in Dubai Provide Golden Visa Incentives

Dubai Provide Golden Visa

Ten-Year Residency Will Be Offered To Developers As Part Of Incentives Starting In September.

Golden Visas are in demand right now, and developers in Dubai are well aware of this. From September, developers are planning off-plan launches aimed at investors who want to use the Golden Visa route. In addition, how should it be done? More options should be available in the crucial Dh2 million and above price category. Because the longer-term stay will require a Dh2 million commitment under the proposed property investment requirements for Golden Visas. As opposed to earlier, when it was Dh10 million.

For buyers of real estate. The Golden Visa is an additional degree of security for their investments, according to Abdullah Alajaji, CEO of Driven Properties, a company that focuses on specialised luxury developments. “It may be challenging for developers to estimate the precise economic worth of the Visa incentive they are providing, but it does increase the likelihood that their product will be sold.

Aid With The Visa Application

Developers are already promising to complete all the paperwork and other processes once the authorities give the all-clear to purchasers who reach the investment threshold. With the beginning of a new season just around the corner, there will be a huge surge in demand for people to employ real estate assets for the 10-year visa.

According to a developer source, many of the new off-plan purchases will come from first-time buyers looking for fresh projects to commit to. “The majority of the off-plan inventory, which is priced in the Dh2 million area, has already sold out. Additional off-plan releases are necessary in the property market in Dubai if it wants to draw more Golden Visa investment subscribers.

“These purchasers are not deterred by the 20–30% increase in home values over the past year. Becoming Golden Visa qualified is their only goal. According to developers, the newest wave of buyers wants to obtain the Golden Visa as soon as possible, and their intention is to acquire just one unit to do so. These buyers are not looking to find deals or reach the Dh2 million threshold by purchasing multiple properties, according to an estate agent.

“Goal is to apply for the Golden Visa in one unit. However, they will not want to see developers charging exorbitant charges. As well as longer-term agreements to freezing service fees, developers are likely to preserve the current incentives of waiving or splitting the Dubai Land Department registration fees.

Indians are the top foreigners purchasing real estate in Dubai, followed by holders of British, Italian, and Russian passports. According to Zoom Property, investors from France, Canada, Pakistan, and Egypt “have also made major investments.”

Steps Toward A Golden Visa

 On our end, we provide investors with a comprehensive collection of informational resources to help them obtain a Golden Visa. Check the validity of all the documents needed for the visa in first place, such as the passport’s six-month validity. We will inform them of every stage, such as the document needed for the medical test and Emirates ID. Once Golden Visas begin to be issued. We will designate a support staff member to accompany each investor. During the full visa application procedure at the Dubai Land Department, the medical centre, and the Amer Center.

The elimination of the maximum number of support service employees. Such as maids, who could be admitted under the visa is one of the perks of the Golden Visa. In the case that the bearer of the Golden Visa passes away. Family members will be allowed to remain in the UAE for the term of the visa.

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