Short-Term Rentals Are Becoming More Popular Among Tourists

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Short Term Rent

The Trend Is Especially Prevalent Among Young Couples That Prefer Studio And One-Bedroom Residences.

According to specialists in the field, short-term rentals are becoming incredibly popular, particularly because of post-Covid travel trends. According to Raquel Lopez, VP at Barceló Hotel Group, “the trend of short-term rentals & staycations has significantly increased in the last two years with enterprises offering flexible work hours and work-from-home models.” Some visitors, primarily those with large families or friends, prefer short-term accommodations in serviced apartments. In order to take advantage of the comfort of a fully furnished home.

As per Unique Properties, the financial motivation for choosing short-term rentals is the case for certain other people. “If the wife, parents, kids, and nannies are travelling, a hotel isn’t really a viable option. They can accommodate everyone at significant savings if they hire a short-term property. Additionally, they can occasionally purchase and prepare meals at home. This results in more savings. Whether a guest is visiting the location for business, pleasure, or both, short-term rentals are defined as guest stays in a dwelling unit or serviced apartments for less than 30 days.


According to Behnam Eghtedari, most people who prefer to reside in short-term rentals in the UAE come from Europe or Russia. Another factor in the appeal of the Emirates among tourists is the protection and safety it offers.

In order to avoid any hazards or con artists, he suggested, individuals would choose to stay in reputable hotels or resorts in an insecure nation. In Dubai, people “have the flexibility to pick and choose the type of home they prefer.”

Raquel Lopez asserts that a variety of factors influence the nationalities and preferences of visitors. According to the season, the dynamics change, she explained. “We have a significant presence in European markets. The short-term rentals illustrate this. The UAE and Omani citizens that live in the region are particularly busy throughout the summer.

Young couples are more likely than families to use short-term rental accommodations. The demand for studio and one-bedroom flats is the biggest, according to Behnam Eghtedari.

Such visitors also favor value-added choices. Raquel Lopez stated “couples and independent travelers choose different add-ons.” “Of course, it depends on how long the stay is and who the guests are. The “simply stay” option, however, seems to be preferred by families who stay with us for an extended period.

Owners of Property

More owners are renting out their houses as short-term rentals instead of renting them to tenants since this trend appears to be here to stay. According to Behnam Eghtedari, short-term rentals have grown to be a very successful industry, particularly in popular tourist areas like Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, and Dubai Marina. “Rental businesses handle every aspect involved.”

However, he cautioned that it would not be an easy task for property owners. The luxuries and amenities provided by four- or five-star hotels and resorts must be compared with these properties, he said.

Owners must therefore carefully select their services. Some visitors desire a variety of amenities. Similar to how some people might wish to rent a car, take a vacation, or enjoy a limo. In order to retain their good reputations, property owners need to collaborate with a variety of providers to provide possibilities.

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