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It Is Expected to Raise Dubai's Real Estate Prices Next Year in 2022

International Interest Is Expected to Raise Dubai Real Estate Prices Next Year in 2022

Dubai real estate prices are likely to be double in the coming year, according to a survey. Let’s take a brief survey. Dubai property prices will keep rising at twice the proportion expected 3 months ago until next year, according to a survey of real estate experts, driven by demand from foreign investors and improved accessibility. Dubai's economy returned well this year, thanks to a...

How Would Investors Like to See Dubai's Real Estate Sector in 2022?

How Would Investors Like to See Dubai’s Real Estate Sector in 2022?

A booming market of Dubai real estate moving consistently on top. 2022 will portray the real estate sector as a solid pillar in a large and rapidly growing rising economy. According to the Dubai Land Department (DLD) figures issued last week, the real estate industry in Dubai is regaining prominence. Having overcome the uncertainty caused by Covid and displaying strong signals of long-term growth....


Dubai Real Estate Sector Broke Sale Record of 8 Years in November 2021

In November, the total number of real estate transactions for the year was 55,640, valued at dh 135.4 billion. The year 2021 has been better than many years. Since the beginning of this year, November has been a glorious month in real estate business transactions. In November, the number of property transactions reached 135.4 billion dirhams worth 55640. This is a wonderful record so far. Since its...

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