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Buying Property in Dubai

Important Things to Know When Buying Property in Dubai in 2023

Buying property in Dubai is a big decision, as well as a major investment. When you are in the process of making such an investment, you should know a few things. These include Maintenance standards, the Cost of living in Dubai, Getting a loan or mortgage, and much more. Therefore, this article is a complete guide when you decide to buy property in Dubai. Read this article carefully, until the end. Let us...

Dubai Property Buyers

Dubai Property Buyers Should Be Aware Of Top Things

When Buying A House, An Authority Advises That You Must Engage With A Qualified And Experienced Broker. Purchasing a property in Dubai is a dream that several expatriates treasure. Both for those who work and live here and those who are outside. This is because the city offers top-notch standard of living services for Dubai property buyers. When buying a home, HP Aengaar, CEO of Asteco, advises working...

Dubai Properties

Dubai Properties : 10 Things To Consider Before Buying Property In The Dubai

As you surely already know, Dubai features one of the world's largest real estate markets. In comparison to other markets throughout the world, Dubai's real estate market excels in meeting the needs of house buyers by providing tremendous benefits, exceptional value, and a variety of amazing amenities. Are you planning to buy Dubai properties? Are you interested in learning more before purchasing real...

Dubai Property Transactions

Dubai Property Transactions Reached A 13-Years High In May

According To CBRE, Residential Rentals in Dubai Are Rising At the fast Rate since Late 2014 According to analysts, the total volume of transactions in Dubai's residential market reached a 13-year high in May as investors. High-net-worth people and entrepreneurs intend to relocate their businesses to the city. As per CBRE's newest research, overall transaction volumes in Dubai's residential market...

Dubai Property Market

Dubai’s Property Market Rally Extends to May, With DH 18.3 Billion In Deals

Dubai property market rise has continued into May, with sales totaling DH 18.3 Billion. This is the second-highest May total since 2009, after Dubai Marina. The best prices may be found in Downtown and Springs. In May, a Dubai Marina apartment purchase was fixed at DH 1.8 Million, far higher. Than the DH 1.3 Million to DH 1.4 Million that was the going pricing a year before. According to market sources,...

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